Makeup remover, face cleanser ; it does it all! Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier Skin Active, thank you. That is all.

Raise your hand if you have a new obsession with micellar water … micellar what? Yeah, I said that the first time too – except I couldn’t pronounce it properly until today. Let’s break it down, my-sell-ar water. It’s basically the holy grail for anyone who is looking for a one-step way to completely clean your face from makeup, dirt, oil – or in my case, sweat.

As a fitness fanatic, before I leave the gym, aka crawl to get my jacket from the locker room because that treadmill kills, I have always tossed some cold water on my face, to fool myself into thinking that I’m doing my sweaty skin a favor – boy was I wrong. Did you know that your face has tons of bacteria on it by the end of your workout from dripping sweat, touching all of the equipment and then wiping your sweaty face with your hands or arm. Bacteria = breakouts

As you know, I always consult my good friend Google before diving wallet first into a new product, so I aggressively surfed the web for a post-workout face cleanser. Call it fate or real quality research, but I came across the Garnier Skin Active Micellar Water and praise the lawd, this stuff is amazing.

This glorious miracle water comes in four different forms – cleansing water (for oily skin, for waterproof makeup, and traditional) foaming gel cleansertowelettes and cotton pads. Which would you choose?

Okay, so why do I love it? It’s gentle, made with no alcohol, no fragrances and no oil. Micellar water is formulated with micelle molecules that instantly lifts the makeup, dirt and oil from your skin, with a simple swipe of a saturated cotton pad (yeah no clue the scientific side, but trust me on this one..).

I’ve noticed that my skin has become clearer, amen. Makes sense since the harmful oils that invade my pores while I sweat ferociously, are being eliminated from my face, right at the end of my workout with a quick swipe of a cotton pad – did I mention no rinse necessary!?

Cassie says … if you hate oily makeup removers, need a post-workout face cleanser or want to cut down time on your makeup removal process – frolic on over to your closest Harmon beauty store and grab a bottle ASAP! To start, I purchased the travel size (3.4 oz) for $3.99 – the full size bottle (13.5 oz) is $6.99 at Harmon, but $8.99 online and everywhere else, so find a Harmon or forever hold your peace.

Pssst… Harmon accepts Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons, so don’t forget to print one or grab it from your stack that arrives literally daily in the mail. Bed, Bath and Beyond really must want you to save some $$.

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